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Published by blkgunmt76

“I’M ME!” A FREELANCE WRITER who enjoys EXPRESSING himself and GIVING HELPFUL ADVICE ON ANYTHING, (“BUT ADVANCED ⚠️”) ONCE… I “ALMOST” STARTED OUR HOUSE ON 🔥!!… TRYING TO MAKE HOMEMADE CANDLES! And I tried it BY MELTING CANNING WAX IN A KITCHEN PAN, IT SCORCHED THE CEILING LIKE AN F-35 FIGHTER JET! WHEN I TRIED TO PUT IT OUT WITH COLD WATER FROM THE SINK, BECAUSE I WAS WATCHING A BASEBALL GAME! “IT TOOK OFF!” (advice) “NEVER AD WATER TO SMOKING WAX!” I also started the BACKYARD on FIRE! when I THREW THE PAN IN THE BACK YARD IN A PANIC! I RAN AWAY SO FAST! I left all the doors and windows open! “IN MY DEFENSE I WAS AROUND 10 YEARS OLD” (No Excuse) Did you smile yet?”…BUT MY GOAL FOR THIS BLOG IS TO BRING YOU JOY, AND MAKE YOU SMILE …AS WE ALL FLOAT THROUGH THIS LIFE ON A “BEAUTIFUL” BALL OF “WATER”, “DESERT”, AND “JUNGLE”! LEAVE THIS PAGE IF YOUR A BELIEVER IN A FLAT EARTH!… as “Bob Marley” said “There’s So Much Trouble In The World!”… I DON’T NEED ANYMORE!…I ❤️ the OUTDOORS, but I despise the COLD🥶 …UNLESS IT’S HOT🥵, then I just want some MEDIOCRITY! Even though I live in a state that has JUNE,JULY AND AUGUST FOR SUMMER, IF WERE LUCKY! I love 🎣 and DRINKING preferably AT the same time! I would ❤️ to WRITE BOOKS📚, other than the 📖 I wrote that took me to the “Young Authors Convention” when I was in 6th grade. It was about “KILLER TOMATOES” THAT WERE AT WAR WITH 🌏, also I think I’M EXCELLENT at CREATING ADS for company’s whether CURRENT OR FUTURE, I also I have a CREATIVE mind. I ❤️ to write RUN-ON sentences as much as the NEXT PERSON, but I AM really good at them! I’m that guy that sends you multiple texts JUST to tell you a SHORT story. I THINK I have a GREAT sense of humor, others might disagree (quietly). I’m a FAMILY oriented Man, and I Love ❤️ my FAMILY more than myself. EXCEPT THAT “MY LADY BELIEVES THAT THERE WAS A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY ON 9/11 and SHE IS UNDECIDED ON THE EARTH BIENG FLAT!” (NO HATE MAIL PLEASE) How crazy am I? She is very SMART (other than thought’s on EARTH WHICH ARE RIDICULOUS) and BEAUTIFUL other than those 2 things, but I’ll keep you up to date. We ❤️ to go hunting and go for car and truck rides, AND ⛺️! But in the end, I WANT TO DO WHAT I ❤️! And I am NOT doing that currently, Nor Am a professional FISHERMAN. So ✍️ IT IS! And artistic creativity is What I’m GREAT AT! But I still need to 🎣, Hunt, Camp, AND Spend time with my family, AND 🍸 when APPROPRIATE . 😋 P.S. “I USE A LOT OF CAPITAL LETTERS. I’m NOT YELLING. LOL. I WRITE THE SAME WAY.

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