Not!! “Down With The Sickness”!?

I’M NOT SURE WHERE TO TO START WITH THIS CONVO?… I guess I’ll start with a QUESTION?… BUT Maybe I’m FUCKING CRAZY?! Lately more STRAIGHT UP LAZY! and that…TRUST me. THAT… is hard to do! But Please SUBSCRIBE and RESPOND to my CHAT! AND You won’t have any regrets To THAT… My question is this…Continue reading “Not!! “Down With The Sickness”!?”


I “TRULY” only know one person who is FEAR-LESS! “HI MOM!” “LIFE IS FULL OF CHANGE” The TRUTH about the World…and the word… “FEARLESS“ is truly close to “Beautifully Insane”. Being Unafraid of Death! Or A drunk person’s BREATH. Because life is strange and full of fear and change, and besides our own “hopeful” personalContinue reading ““FEARLESS CHANGE””