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For those who haven’t lived a certain LIFE… I’LL ASK YOU A QUESTION. Have you ever died a few times in your LIFE? (Literally) MEANWHILE…In realtime lived a strange LIFE? BUT ALSO made the BEST Of LIFE… IN YOUR WORLD! BUT THEN IT furled into a REAL WIFE, STARING UP @ YOU with a steak knife LOL! ☠️ KIDDING… That was only my stepsister! Chasing us around the dinner table! Must of pissed someone off! LOL White privilege #STANDOFF 😊

I have died AT least ONCE maybe TWICE but not the kind that is horrible, but definitely not nice, like a porn link and a mixed drink. Just A NASTY TRIP, I THINK?

REALITY AND DEATH IS A BITCH!” SADLY some ARE into it, or else going through it…But DEATH is WORSE Than REALITY… Or IS IT!? Because to MANY! But Not TO ME … Your just eternal Worm Shit! AND TO others It’s ETERNAL LIFE in HEAVEN By A JOSHUA TREE, and that sounds good to ME! A CLOSE FREIND of mine, HIS FATHER recently DIED, and it’s hard to swallow , but HIS LIFE gave SO MUCH MORE LIFE than I think HE EVER knew, MUCH LIKE THE ORACLE OF APOLLO! He loved to CHILL like me and you, he also liked to play RISK and also liked GOLF news. 90% couldn’t have walked a MILE in his shoes! THEY COULD DEFINITELY PARTY WITH HIM AND PLAY A GAME OF HORSE SHOES! HE WAS TRULY ONE OF MY HERO’S! And DEFINITELY NOT a NERO’s! But definitely one of MY CLOSE BRO’S! R.I.P. RON

TRAGICALLY ! HE PASSED ON THE EVENING B4 MY YOUNGEST SON’S BIRTHDAY! IT’S A TRAVESTY ISN’T IT!… To lose a Loved one, and it’s HARD and it should BE A DARK DAY FOR ANYONE! But the Son’s will always rise after THEIR FATHERS stay! But TO each will come their DAY!