Thanks Michael…

“IF I WERE THE DEVILPaul Harvey, I would make you Sick and Addicted, but in DEATH there SHALL be LIFE, just as you PREDICTED!

However NOTHING in life is worth the HAPPINESS WITH MY SONS, MOTHER, AND BEAUTIFUL WIFE, the four of them are my LIFE!

There will ALWAYS be STRIFE! But then again there will ALWAYS be air breathing LIFE… Until it has ENDED my friend and until we have ASCENDED these RHYMES will hopefully REMAIN UN-BENDED.

AFTER ALL… DEATH IS UNCERTAIN… But there is always a SURPRISE. And you will find it on the OTHER SIDE OF THE CURTAIN! “IF I WERE THE DEVIL” Paul Harvey… Besides that which is UNCERTAIN… I AM the DEVIL AND be SURE I walk this Earth… and that is for CERTAIN! “They who’ve never seen the light, peer into a DARKENED room & draw the CURTAIN”(Oscar Wilde) I’ve been reading him since I was a CHILD.

How Long Will You Be ALLOWED?
Where’s the Big Dipper?

BUT!… There is HOPE and NOT from a HOROSCOPE! It’s from A VIRGIN BIRTH! and A RESURRECTION! & WITH “HIM“CHRIST” ONLY”!…can we get past this COVID INFECTION!

Death is CONSTANT… and THIS is where it will BEGIN, it is from his REBIRTH wherein “HEpardoned us from our SIN! There was DEATH on a CROSS. From the ULTIMATE BOSS!


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